Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wednesday 1 June

So it is officially one month before I start the serious training!

This weeks Training so far has been :

Monday 30 May 2011
Morning Session:
4km run  at around 06h30  ran alone at a fairly decent tempo  all felt ok.  At least at this time of the morninig it wasnt excessively cold so all in all a good run!

Afternoon Session:
A 1km Swim at Lunch time...Its amazing how weak my upper body is, my shoulders really take strain.  I break this session up into 4 X 250m swim, resting for about 40sec in between "sets"  The First Set my Arms fell really tired especially the left one, but after the first set it kind of disappears and I can complete the rest of the sets fairly comfortably.  I must admit i was really out of breathe during this session.

Tuesday 31 May 2011
Morning Session:
5km run at around 06h30  today and it was really good, the ankle seemed fine, and It was the first run in a new pair of Shoes, The Asics Evolution 6 (a motion control shoe).  Legs felt a tad hyeavy at the start but it disappeared before i knew it. (not really taking notice of times at this stage just aiming to run comfortably)

Afternoon Session:
Was scheduled to do a Spinning Class, but unfortunately had a crisis at work so couldnt get to the gym...doesnt really phase me too much as i had already got my run in for the day.  Will be a longer day at the office hope not too long!

Wednesday 1 June 2011
Morning Session:
Go Myself out bed at 04H30 this morning had a T Shirts, and 2 Long sleeve running tops, A Beanie a Bandana thing (thanks Runners world), and track suite pants  and i was still cold!
Joined up with Two club Mates (Stephan And Karen The "Motor Mouth") ran further than i hoped to we done 7km,  but at least we had a few short walks in between.
Always fun to run with the people from the running group, talk a little nonsense make a few jokes and before you know it the run is done...the Pace was easy the weather was cold...the new Shoes felt great, however i did feel a tingle in the damn ankle again...will have to keep an eye on it

Trainin Plan for the Next 22 weeks

At the moment Im of average fitness, Im trying to recover from some weird ankle injury which no-one seems to know what the hell it is. Ive been struggling with it Since the Om die Dam, and as a direct result of this inujury I couldnt run Comrades.

So I took the approach of rest and lots of it, and to basically start running from scratch again.

My Plan for the Month of June is Simple....Short easy runs (4 - 8km) 5 to 6 times a week, and loads of Cross training i.e. Spinning Classes and Swimming. Ive been doing this for a week already and its been quite fun.

I havent been able to get all my Stats, My HRM decided to give up the ghost so I have no real way of measuring my fitness levels.

All I know is that last week Monday I weighed 88.4 kg, and Yesterday I weighed 87kg. (I feel I should be around 83kgs). Yes i I have uped my exercising, but I started eating properly too No more sugar (I have an extreme sweet tooth), no Junk food just good wholesome stuff.

My Plan after the month of June is as follows (any Comments would be welcomed)


What is the blog about...its simple...it is me trying to get my Ass into gear and start running the way I used to.  And if I get that right to actually improve on my running times and efforts from a few years ago!

Over the last few years my running has gradually got worse year by year (and no this is not just related to age).   But at the begining of this year my love for this sport was rekindled for a few reasons:

1) My Fiance started to run with me from time to time and is giving my lots of support as she can see how much this means to me.

2) Ive started to notice that im not getting any younger and all of those lofty goals I once had in my life, I need to start achieving before my clock runs out

3) I joined an Amazing running club...and started running with a running group that, although we come from vastly different backgrounds, and have vastly different goals they are just amazing f people, who helped me rediscover my love for the sport!

So what is my running Background:

Ive been doing road running for about 13 Years now, and during that time i have completed +/- 70 Marathons or Ultra's (I'm including the training runs I have done in this figure).  This Includes Completing 6 Comrades...10 Om Die Dam Ultras (finally getting my Permananet numer in 2011)

My PBs as they stand now are:

10 km      00:41:30
15 km      01:04: 20
21.1 km   01:32:56
42.2km    03:13:00 (this was a fluke so i will disregard this for now and focus on the next best time)
50 km      04:17:19
56 km      04:55:12
87km       08:40:30

I dont like making goals for to far in the future I think it kind of losses its meaning so for now I have set myself the following Goals:

  • Complete the Gauteng Winter trail series (times not important i just want to run consistantly)
  • Compete in at least one sprint triathlon in 2011
  • Compete and challenge for at least a sub 03H30 Marathon (planned for the soweto marathon at the beginning of November 2011)
  • Get to the start line of the Comrades 2012