Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Trainin Plan for the Next 22 weeks

At the moment Im of average fitness, Im trying to recover from some weird ankle injury which no-one seems to know what the hell it is. Ive been struggling with it Since the Om die Dam, and as a direct result of this inujury I couldnt run Comrades.

So I took the approach of rest and lots of it, and to basically start running from scratch again.

My Plan for the Month of June is Simple....Short easy runs (4 - 8km) 5 to 6 times a week, and loads of Cross training i.e. Spinning Classes and Swimming. Ive been doing this for a week already and its been quite fun.

I havent been able to get all my Stats, My HRM decided to give up the ghost so I have no real way of measuring my fitness levels.

All I know is that last week Monday I weighed 88.4 kg, and Yesterday I weighed 87kg. (I feel I should be around 83kgs). Yes i I have uped my exercising, but I started eating properly too No more sugar (I have an extreme sweet tooth), no Junk food just good wholesome stuff.

My Plan after the month of June is as follows (any Comments would be welcomed)

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