Tuesday, 31 May 2011


What is the blog about...its simple...it is me trying to get my Ass into gear and start running the way I used to.  And if I get that right to actually improve on my running times and efforts from a few years ago!

Over the last few years my running has gradually got worse year by year (and no this is not just related to age).   But at the begining of this year my love for this sport was rekindled for a few reasons:

1) My Fiance started to run with me from time to time and is giving my lots of support as she can see how much this means to me.

2) Ive started to notice that im not getting any younger and all of those lofty goals I once had in my life, I need to start achieving before my clock runs out

3) I joined an Amazing running club...and started running with a running group that, although we come from vastly different backgrounds, and have vastly different goals they are just amazing f people, who helped me rediscover my love for the sport!

So what is my running Background:

Ive been doing road running for about 13 Years now, and during that time i have completed +/- 70 Marathons or Ultra's (I'm including the training runs I have done in this figure).  This Includes Completing 6 Comrades...10 Om Die Dam Ultras (finally getting my Permananet numer in 2011)

My PBs as they stand now are:

10 km      00:41:30
15 km      01:04: 20
21.1 km   01:32:56
42.2km    03:13:00 (this was a fluke so i will disregard this for now and focus on the next best time)
50 km      04:17:19
56 km      04:55:12
87km       08:40:30

I dont like making goals for to far in the future I think it kind of losses its meaning so for now I have set myself the following Goals:

  • Complete the Gauteng Winter trail series (times not important i just want to run consistantly)
  • Compete in at least one sprint triathlon in 2011
  • Compete and challenge for at least a sub 03H30 Marathon (planned for the soweto marathon at the beginning of November 2011)
  • Get to the start line of the Comrades 2012

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