Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday 3 June

Must admit that at this point in time im not in the best frame of mind...Other than Oracle Still screwing my work day up, I get told today (A week after I made the enquiry) that entries for Sundays Trail race are full and I should have entered earlier!  And worst of all my Ankle is defintaely playing up again

Morning Session:
Basically the same routine as yesterday....Dropped the Kids off at school then found my way to the Glen Marais Virgin active...Another 5km run very comfortable, nothing special, done in 29 minutes flat.  With the HR being in the desired Zone (according to the treadmill).  After 2km my ankle started feeling a bit "Eina"   and then fadded away so i continued running!

Now 3 Hours Later the ankle looks a little Swollen again, and has the stiff kind of sensation.
Im really starting to get irritated with this now, Ive spent enough money on Doctors, Physios, Medication etc i mean ive rested this thing for seemingly ever... Ive even Bought new shoes!

So there will be no afternoon session today!  and there will be no running tomorrow!  I just hope I can avoid the temptaion of running around with the Kids at the Welpie Rugby tomorrow!

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  1. That's bad luck Gavin. Hope this sorts out soon for you. Enjoy the weekend! Also good to have another SA blogger around. My blog is at: