Monday, 6 June 2011

Monday 6 June

Unfortunately I have to rethink my whole plan...again.
The Ankle is officially Sore and Swollen again, and this is even after not running on Saterday, Sunday and today.

I Contacted Dr Patricous (spelling) and Found out a Consultation costs R600...and thats without treatment...WTF!!  Have an Appointment in 2 weeks time, only time will tell if i actually keep that appointment.

So Instead of this being a running Blog, its is now going to become a Recovery Blog...How Exciting.

So here is the Plan...No Running Until 1 July :( :(.
To Maintain Fitness levels I will Continue with the spinning and Swimming....I think I will add in some light weight work for the lower body...maybe I have some kind of imbalance that some gym work can help with.

And then include some kind of flexibility or stretching into the training.

While doing this ill  treat the Injury with the Good old fashioned Infra red light...and maybe some transact plasters...

If this doesnt work...then maybe i should become a cyclist...or Just a couch potatoe!

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