Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday 2 June

Its always amazes me the simple joys of running.  Everytime i tell anyone of my kids im going for a run their faces light up, and either they want to run with me or cycle on the bikes next to me.  It proves that running and getting out on the road is argubaly one of the simplest and purest forms of enjoyment!

So besides taking some stress at work (Damn i hate oracle for now and ever more) which prevented me from doing my schedules swim Yesterday, my progress seems steady and im happy...except for the reminder of the mysterious ankle ailment!

Morning Session:
So having the bonus of my Two boys staying with me for a few extra days meaning i couldnt do a morning run.  I decided to do the School trip and stop of at the Glen Marais Virgin Active and do my 5km on the treadmill.  Very cool gym and really cool treadmills i must say!!

The 5km went well, it told me my Heart Rate was around 156 all the time...My Max being 208 when tested about 18 months ago (so guess its changed a little) and my Resting HR was then around 44.  So that means the 156 its right in the target zone..  Averaged 10.5 Km/h for the 5km so all in all good run.

Concern is that my ankle (or is it the surrounding area) is getting sensitive man i hope its the cold!

Afternoon Session:
So Oracle is still messing me around and the hour break to go out and do a spinning class was very welcomed!  Whoever the americn accented instructor was, really good lesson and enjoyed the way he handled the class.  Spinning went well worked up a good sweat...and kinda destressed a tad.

Just a question why are cyclists all about image, even during a spinning class...i just dont get it!

So all in all a succesful day, think i will need to watch my Ankly closely, and definately have a rest day on Saterday before i do the 11km trail run on sunday.

Tomorrow i think ill visit Glen Marais Gym again after i drop the boys...and if time permits (which i doubt - Damn Oracle!!) ill try and do an afternoon Swim!!

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